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The Commbank is the largest bank founded in 1911 by AU got privatized in 1996 and is based in Australia. It is the largest private bank in Australia. Commbank is based in Sydney, Commbank got listed in ASX with ticker code CBA. We will address other CBA dividend dates in 2020, 2021, and 2022 after this brief introduction to Commbank. CBA Dividend Dates 2022.

CBA dividend dates 2022

Commbank is the largest private bank in Australia, Commbank provides services in life insurance, general insurance, funds management, superannuation, and finance company activities. Commbank is a global financial institution with branches in various countries, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Indonesia.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia works in financial sectors under the diversified banking industry. The recent dividends of the Commbank are as below; Ex-dividend date: 17/08/2022. This dividend is 210 cents. The ranking percentage is 100%. The payment date for this dividend is 29/09/2022.

CBA Financial Calendar 2022

The financial calendar reports profits, losses, taxes, and dividends. The Australian economic calendar starts from 1st July to 31st June.

SummaryPrevious dividendNext dividend
Per share1.75c2.10c
Declaration date09 Feb 2022 (Wed)10 Aug 2022
Ex-div date16 Feb 2022 (Wed)16 Aug 2022 (Tue)
Pay date30 Mar 2022 (Wed)28 Sep 2022 (Wed)

CBA Dividend Dates 2022

All the above data was gathered directly from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s website. The following information is about CBA dividend history 2022 and dividend 2022.

What could be CBA dividend be in 2022

Financial experts have different predictions for the CBA dividend FY22. According to Morgan Stanley, the CBA dividend will be around 5.2 % whereas UBS’s predictions are other they are convinced that the dividend yield for CBA FY 22 will be 4.8%. Work for all big 4 banks is expected to increase in FY 23 and FY 24.

CBA dividend Dates 2021

The aforementioned tasks are being performed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s official website, which features the CBA dividend history 2021 and the CBA dividend 2021.

CBA Dividend Dates 2022

The data comes straight from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s website. All the information you need to know about CBA’s dividend history and payout for 2020 is right here.

CBA Dividend Yield History/ Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) dividends

The above information is carried out from the official website of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which displays information about the CBA dividend yield 2022 and CBA 2023.

DeclaredPeriodAmountYieldThe ex-dividend dateRecord DatePayable Date
CBA Dividend Yield History

What is the CBA dividend yield?

In the most recent CBA share price, the full-year payout for FY22 means that the 2022 financial year grossed-up dividend yield is 5.4%.

What is CBA Dividend Policy?

With a full-year payout ratio of 70% or 80%, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia aims to pay cash dividends at a robust and sustainable level. It pays fully franked dividends to make the most of its franking account.

How Will My Dividend be Paid?

Your payout will be credited to your credit card and transferred into your chosen bank account. Australian stakeholders may make payments through direct credit.

Is the CBA Share Price Good Value?

Most financial professionals believe that the current market’s CBA price is excessive. According to our professional research, the price of this share is between $90 and $95, which is quite a fair range, and purchasing may be done at this price if you want to hold this share for a long time.

And Another benefit of keeping the claim for a long time is you can have free dividend payments like many investors enjoying the CBA dividend in 2022. This share has a greater power to break the $100 level within a few months.

Should I invest in CBA shares?

Yes, as per our analysis and looking into the record of the shares of the CBA. The bank has grown very much, and it is a future trend that can be estimated as positive, so holding ASX: CBA shares can be profitable. Moreover, the blue-chip companies give around 10% return to their stakeholders as per records, so from this perspective ASX: CBA can be a good share, they also pay dividends which is free money or passive income. You can reinvest under the DRIP plan provided by Commonwealth Bank to their shareholders.

How Much is the Next CBA Dividend?

The bank released its full-year results in August and announced a fully franked final dividend of $2.10 per share. This took the CBA dividend for FY 2022 to a total of $3.85 per share, which was up 10% year over year.

How often Does Commonwealth Bank Pay Dividends?

The bank typically announces a dividend with the release of its half-year results in February and full-year results in August. Dividends are typically paid twice a year, in March (intern compensation) and September (final tip).

Commonwealth Bank of Australia FAQs

How much is the next CBA dividend?

In February 2022, CBA declared a dividend of $1.75 per share, showing a 17% increase on the FY 21 half-year dividend.

What is the CBA dividend yield in 2022?

While doing the analysis, the annual dividend yield of Commonwealth Bank of Australia is 3.68% and the quarterly dividend amount is AUD 0.94.

What date does CBA go ex-dividend?

September 06, 2022, is the upcoming ex-dividend date of the Commonwealth bank of Australia.


In this post, we have discussed the dividends dates of CBA for the years 2022 and 2021. We have also covered the dividend yield of CBA and the share of the dividends. We have given a robust analysis of the CBA shares in the future, as per our analysis the CBA share is very positive now in the coming months too.

The market analysis shows a bright future in coordinating with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. If you are considering investing with Commbank, we recommend going forward because the future is bright ahead.

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